Solutions for Advertisers

Improve performance up to 10x with a higher
standard of display advertising.

2-10x Performance

Performance that averages 2x standard media, 3x rich media, and 10x high impact media on the web.

Over 140MM Unique People

Tap into an audience larger than Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Pandora.

Over 1100 Brands and Publishers

Be seen in content sent by hundreds of the world’s biggest and most trusted brands and publishers.

100% Cross-Device

Reach your customers across every device, screen, and browser that they use.

High Viewability

Position your ads in email newsletters next to the premium content that your customers love.


Every impression is tied to a verified human being, not a bot or cookie, so you reach real people every time.



Get exclusive access to an attention-rich audience of 130MM+ people actively engaging with ads at a level unbeknownst to web, social or mobile. Because these people didn’t just happen upon this content. They signed-up for it. And when they get it, they open it and then spend quality time with it. Nurturing it. Loving it. All of which results in your brand and your message being seen, and remembered.

“In a world of ad exchanges and white labelers, a partner who has actual unique and proprietary inventory is invaluable.”

Amy Bartle, La Quinta Inns & Suites

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Direct Response

Direct Response

Build your email list, drive app downloads and drive revenue from product sales by getting in front of the people you want to reach at the exact moment they’re paying attention on every device they use. LiveIntent’s Predict engine will optimize the performance of your campaign towards any goal to ensure you see the maximum return on every dollar you spend.

“Our first 30 day return on ad spend was 82%... we poured in as much budget as we could find into LiveIntent.. and to this day, it remains our top performer, getting the majority of our budget.”

Katherine Klinger, The Grommet

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Turn anonymous website visitors into customers by retargeting them with display ads in attention-rich, cross-device inventory. LiveIntent’s LiveVisitor will retarget the people that visit your website in content they open and trust so you can increase conversions and keep your brand top of mind.

98% of people that visit your website will leave without taking an action. Retargeting using display ads has been proven to increase the likelihood a person will return and covert by 70%... if done right. Learn more in this blog post on retargeting.

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Direct Response

Mobile App Campaigns & Attribution

Run mobile app install and purchase campaigns within the world’s most popular mobile app: email. LiveIntent’s login based targeting will accurately target audiences by operating system or device in an inventory that’s over 60% mobile-first, then optimize towards any mobile goal with the help of our mobile attribution partners.

According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2015, while Americans spend 24% of their time using mobile devices, only 8% of ad dollars are spent on mobile. Watch this episode of LiveIntentional for 3 baby-steps to getting started with mobile.

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