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Real Results Start and End with Real People

“I've really been impressed with not only the technical acumen of our stakeholders at LiveIntent, but also their genuine dedication and commitment to growing the partnership and building the best product that can possibly be built.”

Corey Eng Associate Director

Raymond Baro Senior Director Ad Operations, Patch

Over 2,000 Brands and Publishers have Discovered the Power of Email

“After doing a full diagnosis, we saw at least a 50% jump in our aCPM and we overpaced our year-over-year revenue efforts. It looks that if we continue to go that way, we are going to continue to grow year-over-year.”

Raymond Baro, Senior Director of Ad Operations

Enhance Your Martech Stack with a People-Based Platform That Performs

Increase Product Sales

Increase Product Sales

Power predictive technology with customer intent data to personalize and optimize multiple marketing offers in real-time, in both first and third-party emails.

Revolutionize Monetization

Revolutionize Monetization

Transform your email newsletter inventory into an additional revenue stream that can supplement your marketing program.

Boost Lifetime Value

Boost Lifetime Value

Drive the highest possible return on investment on every email open without sacrificing customer experience, all while improving how you measure incrementality and attribution.

Forrester Study

89% of marketers consider email their most valuable piece of customer data.

Learn how brands can embrace the convergence of marketing and advertising technology by leveraging identity in the form of email.

89% of marketers consider email their most valuable piece of customer data