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Yellowstone - Branding


LiveIntent is #1 Performer with Best CPC, Low Bounce Rates for Yellowstone Tourism

“LiveIntent’s subscriber-based audience definitely holds up to the hype! LiveIntent became Yellowstone Country Montana Tourism’s #1 performer by driving traffic that was both efficient and high-quality. In addition to driving the most efficient cost-per-click of any partner, LiveIntent’s audience had one of the lowest bounce rates and was amongst the longest average time spent on site compared to other partners. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to our next campaign with LiveIntent!”

Ember Hansen, Flying Horse Communications

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The Grommet - Direct Response

Direct Response

LiveIntent Drives eCommerce Growth for The Grommet

“Our first 30 day ROAS was 82%…we poured in as much budget as we could find into Liveintent…and to this day, it remains our top performer, getting the majority of our budget.”

Katherine Klinger, The Grommet

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How to Know Whether to Use Cookie Retargeting or CRM Retargeting

“98% of people that visit your website will leave without taking an action. Retargeting using display ads has been proven to increase the likelihood a person will return and covert by 70%... if done right."

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Mobile App

Mobile App Campaigns & Attribution

LI Weekly: 3 Baby-Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Mobile

According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2015, while Americans spend 24% of their time using mobile devices, only 8% of ad dollars are spent on mobile.

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