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Increasing Revenue with Updated Email Inventory

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Working with LiveIntent to make our inventory easier to direct-sell, adding LiveIntent to Ads.txt, and implementing LiveTags 2.0 has had a significant positive impact on the revenue that we see from Patch’s email inventory.

Damian Noto

Project Manager
Patch Media
Patch Newspaper


Patch is an independent U.S. local news and information platform, operating 900+ local and hyperlocal news websites across all 50 US states and Washington, DC. Patch monetizes their 3,500+ newsletter templates with LiveTags, lightweight HTML ad tags that allow them to direct-sell into their inventory, as well as allow 3rd-party demand from the LiveIntent platform’s advertisers and DSP partners.


Patch wanted to find more ways to improve revenue from their email inventory.


To increase revenue, Patch took a three-pronged approach. First, they worked with their account team to reorganize the way their email newsletters were organized in the LiveIntent platform, which enabled them to more efficiently direct-sell into their inventory and run Deal ID packages. It also enabled the Liveintent predictive algorithms to more efficiently allocate demand across their newsletters.

To further bolster demand across their inventory, they implemented LiveIntent in their Ads.txt file on their site. Ads.txt is a way for publishers to validate who is authorized to bid on their inventory, which enabled more programmatic demand from LiveIntent’s DSP partners.

In addition, they updated their LiveTags to LiveTags 2.0 across their newsletters, which allow demand for multiple ad sizes in each ad slot, further improving CPMs.


By adding LiveTags 2.0, reorganizing their newsletter taxonomy, and implementing LiveIntent in their Ads.txt, Patch was able to increase their eCPMs by 27% and overall revenue by 40% on a year-over-year basis.

40% YoY Revenue Increase
27% YoY eCPM Increase

Increase revenue from your email inventory with LiveIntent

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