Our Technology Story

Email, the internet’s workhorse from the very beginning.

91% of consumers use it at least once a day and it’s 40x better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

While the technology industry went crazy for “real-time,” and “programmatic”, advertising within email seemed more like direct mail than digital marketing. Targeting was nonexistent, cookies were obsolete, and optimization was scant. Advertisers paid for email ads on send. A publisher partner would hard code the ad into an email template for each and every send. There was little transparency and meager reporting. However, in this new, cross-device world, where more people are spending more time online than ever before -- across all screens, devices, and browsers email is more important than ever.

LiveIntent knows that your email subscribers are your most valuable customers – they have opted-in and given you permission to message them. They expect and deserve only the best user experience possible. Our LiveTag is helping make that possible.

The LiveTag

The LiveIntent Platform begins and ends with the LiveTag. This lightweight HTML is compatible with all ESP’s and allows email senders to monetize their email newsletters and alerts. It connects email openers to our robust prediction engine, enabling advertisers to reach the exact target audience they’re looking for, in the best performing media channel. Most importantly, it enables 130MM people to get the right message, at the right time, on the right device.

Publishers and brands only need to add LiveTags to their email templates once to monetize their email newsletters easily and effectively. Once a person opens an email that contains a LiveTag, LiveIntent’s servers detect a number of variables and chooses the best advertisement, marketing message, or content to show, in real-time. No hard coding required.

With hundreds of permutations of email client, device, operating system, and browser, email’s complexities have yielded some interesting benefits. For one, LiveTags are as lean as possible, no heavy javascript or invasive iframes, including only the code that is absolutely necessary to serve messages into email.

The Technology / The Ecosystem

The LiveIntent Platform includes the only ad server built for email, as well as a proprietary SSP for inventory sellers, and a DSP for audience buyers. The prediction engine in the middle consumes copious amounts of data, to optimize a multitude of variables — like device, time of day, gender, and user behavior — enabling campaigns to target and optimize, in-real-time.

The Platform is a hub, with APIs that allow the larger marketing, advertising, and CRM ecosystems to directly plug into it. These partnerships, and integrations contribute to making using LiveIntent as seamless as possible. Leverage third-party data partners like, Nielsen and TowerData, or your own first-party CRM data for LiveAudience targeting. DSP integrations allow you to buy LiveIntent email audiences along with the rest of your display buy. You can traffic direct sold campaigns in your current ad server, while ensuring that your ESP is LiveCertified to run our ads.

What makes this all possible? The power of the email address.

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The Email Address

The LiveIntent platform is powered by the email address. This universal identifier is long-lived, unique to an individual, and the only digital ID tied to a real person.

It used to just be a mode of communication, but is now the way you identify yourself, both on and offline. You use your email address to log-in just about everywhere: purchases, social networks, and apps. That’s why our inventory is over 99% real, engaged people. We work with over 1100 premium publishers like the New York Times, Kraft, Walmart, and more, to unlock this amazing audience.

The email address enables us to target the right ad to the right person, right when they’re paying attention — the moment they open an email. Data stays secure thanks to the email hash - an anonymized, de-identified, version of an email address. The hash is a non-PII, unique identifier enabling targeting people (not pixels) across devices. As with an email address, the hash goes across devices to find and target defined users across every screen, device, and browser, and aiding in online-to-offline attribution. With the humble email address, the hash and LiveIntent, you’re always reaching the intended audience.

The Data (Science)

The LiveIntent Platform reaches a whopping 130MM people – 2nd only to Facebook for online addressable audience. Processing hundreds of data points through 200 million auctions per day allows us to provide a consistent marketing experience (and superb user experience), irrespective of device, to our advertisers, publishers, brands, and end users.

LiveIntent is committed to building on this data responsibly, securely, and effectively to reach consumers across all platforms with most relevant messaging possible.


The Developer Community

LiveIntent has engineering teams, ranging from New York City to Copenhagen to Berlin, requiring design patterns that allow them to work as autonomously and efficiently as possible. As a result, the LiveIntent Platform utilizes API's that makes it accessible to other applications, including external partners and customers. We aim to make our APIs clean, self-documenting, and RESTful in order for developers to be excited about using them and to share them with others.

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