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Power 88% more revenue from email
marketing efforts without sending more email.

Individualized Personalization

Optimize offers in real time to improve the individual customer experience and your overall yield.

Increased Reach and Frequency

Reach customers whenever they open content sent by over 1100 of world’s most trusted brands and publishers.

Quality Customers Acquisition

Acquire brand new customers from an audience of over 140MM unique people.

Innovative Engagement Opportunities

Take your email campaigns to a new level by blending social and native ad solutions.

Actionable Data for Real Attribution

Garner campaign and customer data that will enrich attribution models.

100% Cross-Device Solution

Reach your customers across every device, screen, and browser that they use.


Real-time Email Offer Optimization

Optimize in-email offers to the individual, so customers see more relevant offers and you improve overall yield on every campaign. LiveIntent’s Predict engine will optimize in-email offers dynamically based on everything from a customer’s location to the device they’re opening on to ensure every offer yields the highest revenue.

Learn how the world’s largest retailer was able to increase the click-through rate on its in-email offers by 105% and increase revenue per thousand opens by 88% using the LiveIntent platform. Read their full story on our Customer Success page.

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CRM Retargeting

Reach inactive customers where they are paying attention and reinforce messaging among your most engaged customers using CRM retargeting. LiveIntent’s LiveAudience will match your hashed email segments to our audience of over 130MM people whenever they engage with content sent by 1100+ of world’s biggest and most trusted publishers and brands.

The average email open rate is about 17%, which means you’re not reaching 83% of your existing customers. CRM retargeting is a way for you to match existing email segments with targeted campaigns whenever they log-into online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LiveIntent. Learn more in The CRM Retargeting Handbook.

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Lookalike Targeting

Find more customers that look like your best customers from an audience of 130+MM people. LiveIntent’s Lookalike Targeting will leverage your CRM data to suppress existing customers and create new audience segments that will deliver net-new customers that are more likely to grow into your biggest fans.

A major members-only online shopping website looking for ways to grow its loyal customer base leveraged LiveIntent Lookalike Targeting to run an acquisition campaign that resulted in a click-through rate 2X standard web display and 1000+ new customers. Read their full story on our Customer Success page.

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Gain deeper insights into what works with who and where you're getting the most bang for your marketing buck. LiveIntent’s LiveAudience 360 will tell you who among your customers has seen your campaign so you can build that data into your attribution model and even connect your online campaigns to in-store sales.

94% of total retail sales are still generated at brick-and-mortar stores, so how can you know what sort of lift your online campaigns are giving these in-store sales? Watch this episode of LiveIntentional Weekly to find out.

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