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Interactive One - Email Ad Serving

Email Ad Serving

LiveIntent Platform Enhances Ad Serving Experience for Interactive One

“It only took a month to incorporate LiveIntent’s technology into our 65+ existing templates, and we’ve never looked back. The ease of the LiveIntent platform paired with the LiveIntent team’s invaluable support and training has elevated our email program, provided valuable new sales opportunities, and given our Ad Ops team countless hours back.”

Greg Toothaker, Interactive One

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The Grommet - Direct Response

Direct Selling Email Inventory

Flight Network Discovers New Monetization Stream in Email

“LiveIntent made it easy for Flight Network to serve relevant advertisements to our subscribers, offer dedicated placement opportunities to partners and increase our overall email channel revenue.”

Courtney Rand, Flight Network

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Monetize Unsold Inventory

LiveIntent Inventory Manager Monetizes Unsold Impressions

“Reader’s Digest immediately saw the opportunity to implement a stable ad serving solution for email newsletters through a partnership with LiveIntent. For the first time we could reliably traffic 3rd party ad tags, avoid any click caching and monetize 100% of unsold inventory at rates 5x what we see online.”

Mark Josephson, Reader’s Digest

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Mobile App

User Matching

LiveIntent’s Knowledge Base: Benefits of User Matching

Transform your email subscriber data into a recurring source of revenue while respecting subscriber privacy. Through LiveIntent’s partnership with LiveRamp, your anonymous audience data can be matched to an advertiser’s offline data and earn 100% incremental revenue without sharing any personally identifiable information.

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