One of the World's Largest Retail Corporations

With the upcoming holiday season, one of the world’s largest retail corporations wanted to test LiveIntent’s Optimization Engine performance and increase email and site traffic revenue. LiveIntent worked closely with the client to test marketing offers.

Marketer Success Story

One of the World’s Largest Retail Corporations

One of the World's largest retail corporations partnered with LiveIntent to test marketing offers utilizing LiveIntent’s Optimization Engine. The result? An overall increase in clicks and click through rate along with an increase in revenue upwards of 80 percent.


More Clicks


Greater CTR


Increased Revenue Per Thousand Opens

The Objective

Optimize Marketing Efforts

An American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores worked with LiveIntent to optimize its marketing offers. In addition to having the world’s largest selection of online shopping essentials, the business is consistently looking to increase site traffic and email revenue.

The Solution

Using LiveIntent’s Optimization Engine

The client tested marketing offers leveraging LiveIntent’s Optimization Engine. Liveintent began the month by trafficking the marketing offers with no Optimization, then switched all offers to optimize utilizing the LiveIntent algorithm to set a Max Click- Through Rate (CTR) strategy.

The Results

Top-Ranking Performance

The client began the Optimization campaign on Liveintent’s platform for the month of November 2015. LiveIntent’s Optimization Engine drove 138% more clicks, a net benefit of a 105% greater CTR than unoptimized marketing messages and generated more valuable clicks with fewer impressions.

Based on the client’s internal performance data, LiveIntent projects that by driving nearly 2x the clicks, it will effectively increase the client’s site traffic revenue by 2x. In turn, this will help increase total email revenue by 81%.