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A Crafty Way to Build a Better Audience

See Carol's Journey

Carol was an Arts & Crafts maven.

She loved any project that involved patchwork, needlepoint or knitting. Now that she's was retired, she was ready to up her game and was looking for a new source of ideas to fill her DIY fix.

Carol was Prime Publishing's kinda person.

Prime Publishing, a crafting and cooking-focused media company, is already running a lucrative monetization program in their emails, but needed more craft-crazy folks like Carol in order to scale their audience and revenue.

So to find more people, they went people-based.

Prime Publishing implemented a people-based acquisition campaign, that combined machine learning and historical conversion data to find more crafty people like Carol, bolstering their subscriber numbers, email engagement, and Carol’s crafts calendar.

“It makes sense that we see such high performance on the back-end, because we are a newsletter publisher... It’s a win-win for Prime, and as such, we keep pushing LiveIntent to give us even more impressions!”


Marketing Director

Prime Publishing

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