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Email Inventory Revenue Takes Flight

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Stewie was stewing.

As the Email Marketing Manager for Fareportal Media, he was looking to pilot a new program that would increase email revenue, but he couldn’t get anything off the runway.

Fareportal wants its best to be better.

Fareportal Media Group, a leading travel deals site, knew its special offers newsletter was amazing at driving ticket sales. They also knew their subscribers were a valuable audience to lots of brands. Old Stewie saw the opportunity, but was worried about opening that inventory to third-party advertisers because it might cannibalize existing ticket sales.

The path from better to best is people-based.

Fareportal implemented a people-based monetization program in their emails, finding the perfect balance between partner offers and premium exchange demand. The result was an overall increase in email revenue with no decline in sales of airline tickets or click rates. Stewie was on cloud nine.

“We did extensive testing of LiveIntent to ensure there was no effect on our open or click rates, and most importantly, our ticket sales. LiveIntent did not negatively affect our conversion funnel, and provided a new premium inventory source for our sales team as well as incremental revenue from their premium exchange.”

Steve Toy

Senior Vice President and GM


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