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Barry was a machine.

As a member of the Washington Post’s ad operations team, he had to be. Manually inserting creatives across all their different email newsletters was a labor-intensive process that required significant attention to detail and time.
 No messing around.

A good problem to have.

The Washington Post had tons of new advertiser campaigns to traffic every month, which was great for revenue, but even Barry has his limits. They needed a way to reliably manage and traffic campaigns across all their newsletter inventory, and they needed it to be easy and fast. Barry didn’t have time to waste.

So they upped their
people-based game!

The Washington Post implemented people-based ad serving technology in their email newsletters that made it easy for Barry to quickly traffic, monitor, and optimize all their newsletter demand. Now they could continue to scale their newsletter sales and revenue, and Barry could afford to do something he’d never done before: take a vacation.

“LiveIntent’s platform has simplified our email operations and given us greater control over the pricing and performance of our entire email inventory, amounting to countless hours saved each week and a new source of scalable revenue.”

Jeff Burkett

The Washington Post

Senior Director, Sales Operations and Product Strategy

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