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Expanding Audiences and Palates

See Marta's Journey

Marta was a
 seasoned foodie

She practically lived in the kitchen. And as an avid culinary enthusiast, she subscribed to all the major food-centric newsletters to keep her palate alive with every new sweet or umami invention. Her favorite newsletter was Taste of Home, from Reader’s Digest.

Reader’s Digest was cooking up
 something new.

Reader’s Digest was bringing to market something new for people just like Marta: a line of Taste of Home products designed to up any home chef’s game. But they needed a way to extend the reach of their campaign beyond just their owned and operated properties to make sure every subscriber, including Marta, was in the loop.

To reach more people, they went people-based.

Reader’s Digest implemented a people-based audience extension program that combined their subscriber audience data with third-party Prizm and category segments to reach Marta and other foodies while they were devouring other culinary content like Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, and Martha Stewart’s Living. The results, for both Reader’s Digest and Marta, were delicious.

*Compared to performance within owned and operated media channels.

“Reader’s Digest launched an exciting new product line called Taste of Home (TOH) certified products. With limited scale on our sites, we wanted to reach Food enthusiasts in engaged environments and knew LiveIntent could provide this audience. On top of that, we were able to utilize our 1st party data to hit known fans of
Reader’s Digest & Taste of Home.”

Mark Josephson

Reader's Digest

VP, Chief Sales Office

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