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Conquering the Open Road and Unopened Emails

See Ava's Journey

Ava is a free spirit.

She can’t be tied down to any person, place, or thing. There are only two things Ava loves: her phone and her car. And while Ava’s lifestyle makes for great stories, it also makes it really hard for the brands she loves to stay in touch with her. Like the one that made the car she loves so much.

Rethinking the way they connect with Ava.

This leading auto company wanted to let Ava know that she needed to renew the lease on her beloved car. But Ava, like 85% of the other 500,000 customers on their email list, didn’t open the email they sent. They needed a way to extend the reach and frequency of their lease renewal campaign beyond just the emails they send.

So they put the people-based pedal to the metal!

The big three auto company implemented a people-based retention program that leveraged customer remarketing to reach customers like Ava in content they are actually paying attention to, regardless of device, driving unprecedented results.

Now Ava can be found wherever she may roam.

Roam free, Ava. Roam free.

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