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Fueling Acquisition and Ariel’s Addiction to Gizmos

See Ariel's Journey

Ariel had gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

She had whoozits and whatsits galore. But she was shockingly low on thingamabobs. Luckily, she found The Grommet.

The Grommet wanted to find more people like Ariel.

As a product launch platform, The Grommet had a knack for knick knacks. To take their platform to the next level, they needed to find more people with a mutual passion for interesting products. And they had to do it on a budget.

So, to find more people, they went people-based.

The Grommet implemented a people-based acquisition program that combined machine learning and third-party data overlays with customer file suppression, making it possible to find more gizmo-lovers like Ariel in a manner that fueled performance, efficiency, and growth.

*Compared to expected cost per acquisition goal based on web display campaigns.

“Our first 30-day return on ad spend was 82%. We poured in as much budget as we could find into LiveIntent, and to this day, it remains our top performer, getting the majority of our budget.”

Katherine Klinger

Director of Marketing

The Grommet

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