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Bob felt blah.

At age 34, Bob made a decent living at a job that allowed him to see the sites from Albuquerque to Zanesville, but he needed a change. He wanted to feel special.

But to La Quinta Inns and Suites, Bob was special.

In fact, Bob was their perfect customer. But finding Bob (and all other businessmen between the ages of 25-65) using cookie and device targeting wasn’t working. They needed a new way to raise awareness with all the Bobs of the world.

That’s when things got people-based.

La Quinta implemented a people-based awareness program that delivered high-impact, personalized messages targeted to real people within 100% addressable, premium content. This boosted brand awareness and, most importantly, brought a smile to Bob.

*According to Nielsen’s Online Brand Effect and Online Campaign Ratings studies.

"In a world of ad exchanges and white labelers, a partner who has actual unique and proprietary inventory is invaluable."

Amy Bartle, Director of Media & Digital Marketing

La Quinta Inns & Suites

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