The “In” Box

The “In” Box

Mindfulness At Work

Post by Amanda Halle

What do you come to work for?  

To be happy was the first thing that popped into my head when asked the question.  Not shocking.  And, it’s not shocking that the majority of people out there are looking for the same thing.  

This question was posed to us by Michael Carroll, who’s spent over 20 years bringing mindfulness, awareness and meditation into organizational settings.  He spent the afternoon with our company for a Lunch & Learn on mindfulness and being a mindful leader.  He’s lectured on these principles at companies that include Google, Facebook, EBay, P&G, National Geographic, Merck and now, LiveIntent. 

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LI Weekly: 2015 Holiday Retail Preview

It’s the official end to summer and retailers and hard-core shoppers everywhere are already digging in to prepare for the 2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, so we’re going to pretend September and October don’t exist and dive right into our special Holiday 2015 Preview.

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We Crossed the Monthly 100 Million Unique Users Threshold in August!!!!

We’re very proud to announce that, for the first time ever, the LiveIntent platform has reached 100 million unique users in just one month. It was, to say the least, a successful August.

This is a significant milestone. It puts our platform’s reach at significantly higher levels than industry stalwarts like Twitter (65 million) and Pandora (79.4 million). There are many different factors for this incredible achievement: Our 750+ publishers, the fact that our churn is negligible, our platform’s ability to learn while continuing to delight the customer… But at the end of the day, the biggest factor is the incredible LiveIntent team that powers our innovation, our success, and our culture.

This milestone comes at the heels of a very successful year for us. In 2015 alone, we expanded to the UK, were named by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies, announced partnerships and integrations with Salesforce, DataXu, and MediaMath, and raised $32.5 million via a growth round.

Obviously, we all read the news. There are trials and tribulations going on in the markets, and it seems like a down economy might be on the horizon. But in these times of uncertainty, marketers inevitably go back to the tried and true and explore that for innovations. And what better place for innovating within the “tried and true” than the email environment, long known to be one of the most effective (3x that of social) channels for achieving marketing goals.

At LiveIntent, we’re developing new products that serve the savvy marketer faster and better than ever. And there’s more to come! We’re aggressively recruiting and hiring engineers and data scientists drawn to the amazing data science opportunity that is part and parcel of making sense of the vast troves of first-party data that comes with 100 million unique users every month (and growing).

Reaching 100 million unique email addresses in one month is a huge accomplishment and a harbinger of good things to come. With scale and reach, we only get better. And this is just the beginning of the potential when you harness the power of the email address. By 2017, there will be 3.9 billion email accounts. Combine this with the fact that, across almost every demographic surveyed, email is by far the preferred way to communicate with companies, and the need and scale for smart platforms operating within email becomes even more essential.

With a proliferation of devices (studies show that the average household owns 5 connected devices), brands and marketers now have to be extra vigilant about how their marketing efforts are made. Since we sit at the intersection of Marketing and Advertising Technology, our people-based marketing solutions have been able to provide comfort and aid to marketers and brands looking to reach consumers wherever they are paying attention.


The 100 million milestone is nice, but it’s just the start.