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ESP Partnerships

We understand the relationship Email Service Providers (ESPs) have with their clients. Our goal is to better that relationship, by enabling those clients to acquire and reach more customers more often within the most effective digital marketing channel: email.


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LiveAudience is LiveIntent’s CRM retargeting solution. It uses the hashed versions of the email address to serve targeted display ads

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You’re only six steps away from helping your clients retarget and re-engage their subscribers – here’s how!

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We are fully compatible with all ESPs. Providing ad serving, DSP, and exchange capabilities for advertisers, agencies, and publishers

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ESP LiveCertified

LiveCertified ESPs can offer clients a simple way to implement real-time ads in their emails. With LiveTags implemented, clients can use our platform to start serving premium, targeted ads in real-time within their email newsletters- without any complicated add-ons or lengthy implementation.

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Ali Swerdlow

Vice President Industry Relations

Stephen Kwong

Channel Partner Account Manager

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